Help!Integrating Chicks in the dark?


8 Years
May 30, 2011
I have 3 month old EEs and need to integrate them into my main coop with 5 month old SLWs GLWs and standard Cochins. I have tried to have them free range together but my cochin cockeral and a few the girls have not accepted them, Someone told me to put them in the coop during the dead of night. When they wake up they will be part of the flock and that should make it easier. Is this a myth? I would like them to be together before winter hits if possible. The EEs are in a tractor coop and I think they are outgrowing it and beside I am not that comfortable because it is not as secure as the coop. Please help as tonight was pitch black and am hoping for another dark night tomorrow night, Thank you so much for any help!
It's not a myth per se.... It help doing this but don't expect that they will not have the normal intergrating troubles. They will still have the normal pecking order that to you might seem kinda brutal. How are they in size comparison????
The EEs seem about the same size as the girl cochins but the roo is about 2x as big. the SLWs and GLWs are bigger as well but not as much as the Roo. Do I just set them on one of the roost? or do is just set them in there?

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