HELP!! IS my baby Duckling Ill??

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  1. Well my mom saved a wild mallard duckling. A dog had i in it's mouth and it dropped it once my mom went after it. She looked all over for the mother but she was o where in site so now I have bin taking care of it. It's a week old today and it started having these twitches and everyime it does it shakes its head. It also has bin wobbly at times and kinda acts like it's druk. but at other times it's perfect . it doesn't seeem like anything is wrong. The poop is sumwhat normal. kinda runny sometimes. its eating and drinking too. Can anyoe help me please. I need to know what is going on so I can save its little life. It's name is Niblit.
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    Jan 31, 2007
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    Check Niblit for lice or mites. Coming from a wild parent its quite possible the head shaking and weakness is coming from bug infestation. Good luck
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    What are you feeding it? It needs non medicated gamebird starter crumble.
    For more info on feeding go to the link in my sig line to Duck Rescue Network.
    If it is a mallard, you need to find a rehapper in your area licensed to raise and release migratory waterfowl. You can find that info at Duck Rescue Network as well.

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