HELP! Is my duckling stuck in the egg?


6 Years
Jul 22, 2013
Hi, I have been trying to hatch a call duckling but I think it may be in a very weird position inside the egg.

It peeped its beak out at about 6.30pm on Saturday but then didn't make any progress until sunday night. After the 48 hours I read I was supposed to leave it I started to chip at the egg very slowly and moisten the membrane. The duckling is still pipping and moving about but the whole of the front of the egg is gone and I can see that the ducklings' feet are above its head and I'm not sure this is right? It looks as though it should be fairly easy for the duckling to get out from this position but it isn't doing. How can I help it or should I leave it be?

Help please!


8 Years
Apr 22, 2014
New York
It started Saturday night? and we are now into Tuesday. If there hasn't been progress I would help the duckling out. I am no expert, but at this point it should have come out, sometimes they do need a little help.

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