Help...Is this an Black Australorp or an Marans hen?

She looks like a mix. Usually Australorps are buff and have lots of feathers, while Marans have some brown on their head.

Did you mean to say usually Australorps are black? I've never heard of a Buff Australorp LOL.

I would guess Black Sex Link, although usually the leakage is gold, rather than that gray/tan color.
Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky! She is very pretty but I'll go with her being mixed as well. You might want to post this question in the What Breed or Gender is This? section. Here are two images of a few FBCM we have on our farm. They are not show quality by any means but something for comparison. Also. notice the feathering on the feet.

Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!

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