HELP: Is this egg still alive?

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10 Years
Jul 8, 2009
Southern Oregon
Hi, today is day 20, I know you aren't suppose to candle it then anymore but I needed to check because we've had a few incubator problems in the last week. First, the incubator temp went up to 107 w/ a 35% humidity because the temperature knob was accidentally turned up, then the same day the power went out and it was 82 with a 88% humidity. After we got power back on and the incubator all nice and stabilized again, I candled the eggs, all 3 were miraculously still moving. Now, one egg is suppose to hatch tomorow but as I candled it today the airsack was awefully large, like 1/4-1/3 of the egg. Is that normal, this is my first time? It was too filled up with chick so I couldn't see anything but the airsack so I can't tell if it's still moving. What do you think? I'll put up a pic tomorow, if it hasn't pipped, that is.
Thank you


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Grand Blanc, MI
It's normal for it to be about 1/3 or a little more of the egg. Just leave it alone in the bator. I had temp spikes to 104 and then drop to 90 through the whole process. I had nine out of the 10 eggs hatch and one more I'm waiting on. You can't do anything but wait.

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