Help! I've lost my urban chicken!


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Jun 22, 2009
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While I was outside in the back yard with them but apparently not paying enough attention - two of my 14 week old chickens got under the gate and out into the backlane. Someone walking by with a dog noticed them and managed to grab one - I heard the noise and came running... retrieved the one, but the other one ran under a neighbour's fence. I've looked in their yard, my yard and every yard within 3 houses but haven't found her.

They've never left the yard before so I'm not sure if she can find her way back... I'm not sure if she's still hiding - it's been over an hour and no sign of her. I've been making the 'tsk, tsk' noise I do when I give her treats, and have told the neighbours I'm looking for a lost hen...

Is there anything else I can do? What should I expect?

Thanks, and please help!
Sorry to EE got really spooked once and disappeared out of my yard (5 foot fence all around, no weak spot, gate was closed). I was afraid she had gotten over the fence in the wooded area behind the yard or in the neighbors yard. I searched everywhere inside and outside the fence and could not find her. It happened in the afternoon and I was desperate to find her before dark. I left the door to the run and coop open, my other chickens went in at dusk but no sight of Pearl. I sat on the back porch steps near the run for a long time. Once the other chickens were in the coop for some 15 minutes I grabbed a big flashlight and searched again. She was in the coop, full of spiderwebs and dirt about 10 minutes after I started looking again. She was in the yard the entire time and must have gotten into a really cramped space under the shed or the stairs. She really hid well. Would not come out for treats or anything else until it was almost dark. Stay close and calm, try treats, keep looking. Hope you find her!!!!
Thanks for the advice - I found her! Going on the idea that she was probably hiding wherever she first ran to, and not just running around, I went back to the first neighbour's yard - which I thought I had already thoroughly checked. Well, their garden is sort of a jungle (a lot like mine), and eventually I noticed a little feather fluff. Without getting my hopes up, I stayed in the same spot, kept looking and looking and making my 'tsk' noise... eventually saw a little chicken head amongst the tomato leaves. It was the only part of her that I could see at all - she was very well hidden!

She's back safe and sound and appears uninjured, though I'll do a closer look once we've both calmed down a bit.

The side consequence of this is that now a lot more people know that I'm keeping chickens - which is against our city bylaws. I'm not too concerned though, as most of them are good people or have other more important things to be worried about.

Thanks for the advice and well wishes! BYC folks come through again!

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