Help. Lame hen.


May 14, 2015
I lost a hen last week unknown vet seemed to think she had something seriously wrong with her. She became sleepy and hide away on her own for about a week when I checked her she had lice/mites so I treated flock using ivermectin.. This got rid of them but she slowly became weaker until she collapsed. I separated her and fed her and watered her indoors in the warmth. She did improve slightly but was still lame with wings slightly spread. I wormed her & gave her Tylan... She would pick up slightly and eat herself for a while but would return quickly to a sleepy state & remain seated on her hocks. Her crop wasn't emptying overnight however so I stopped food just have her water... Then tried natural live culture yogurt.
I accidentally made her sick several times when lifting her out and examining her..
Eventually due to no regression I tried my vet who checked her heartbeat and checked her temp which was normal and asked regarding my other hens which were all asymptomatic at the time. Sadly we decided to euthanise her.
Today 1 week later another hen has suddenly gone lame. She normally very friendly/a lively character.
She seems alert in eyes but cannot walk steady.
Today a vet saw her and seemed
to think could be a leg injury and didn't think it was neurological. (She will wrap her all toes around a finger. )
I can't feel any egg bound egg either.
I can't help but think it's a coincidence . And concerned she also has something wrong which the rest of my flock may also
She is seperate from the rest now. She's a barred rock bantam Approx 2/3years old. Not sure when she last laid as only seperate today. I have 10 other bantam hens of various breeds and 3 ducks.
She eaten alittle today but has passed very watery droppings in her box. Do I get a second opinion?
I would be concerned that your hen has Mareks disease, which is a virus with many differing symptoms in different birds. It is transmitted through dander and dust. Were you chickens vaccinated for Mareks? There are some other diseases that can look like Mareks, such as lead poisoning, botulism, and others, and in the first article here, there is a section on that. Here are some links to read that may help you:'s_Disease
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Thankyou for your reply. The articles are interesting thankyou. It did cross my mind with the lameness but does mareks affect adult hens too? No they've not been vaccinated.
It could be some of the other things too? There's so many things it could be it's a mind field!

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