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Hi I am new to the world of chickens (which we love). We started 2 weeks ago with 4 barred rocks and 1 polish. All 5 were 10 weeks old and came from the same place. They have been super easy. Open the door at 7am, they run free in our yard (we have 6 acres in the country) and at 8pm I close the door... they put themselves up without any problems.

This weekend we bought 3 leghorns (6 weeks old). We left them in a nice crate for the rest of the first day (in the shade with food /water). The crate was under our regular hen house and it gave the chickens a chance to safely meet each other. After dark, we put the leghorns in with the other birds. All seemed fine. We let them all out and all chickens did fine getting along and staying fairly close to the coop (per normal). Then at 8 pm we went down to close the door... barred rock and polish had put themselves up but the 3 leghorns had roosted in a near by apple tree. it took us a while to catch them and put them in the roost last night.

What do we do to keep the birds from nesting in three? There is a real chance for preditors as we live in the country. Any suggestions on what to do?

Thanks for the help!


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Welcome to BYC!

Lock everyone in the coop for a few days, no free ranging. The Leghorns need to learn where to sleep. On the first few days you resume ranging, begin closer to sunset until you can extend to a full day.

Then everyone can sing, "No more Leghorns in the apple tree...."

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