help! light broke

When we had a power outage, I boiled water and filled a milk jug with it. You could also fill a sock with rice and pop it in the microwave- it'll stay nice and toasty for quite a while. Good luck!
Your chicks, at two weeks, will be fine. I agree with the above poster--hot water bottles and microwaved rice pillows are good. You could also build a fire/put them by your heating unit/turn up the heat really high in one room.
You might want to give them a normal light, just so they don't freak out because of the darkness.
boil some water, put the water into a ziplock bag then put another ziplick over it then put that into a sock. You should probably use 2 or 3 of these

Heating pad?

Electric blankie?

When you go buy a new light, perhaps get two

I think they'll be okay.
I. Had 4 and now they all blew I bought one 5 weeks ago and I only used like 2 weeks ago and it judt blew so now. We got to get a heat light in the morning - I used 3 bottles of hot water and put in their and they dont seem to want it they walk away :s
What kind of socket do you have? Is it rated for that much wattage? I like the ceramic socket. I does not get hot like the plastics do. I find that I can use two of the 100 watt flood lights that are red from home-depot and it works just as well. I am afraid of the thin red heat light, they are so fragile. I hope your chicks slept well and warm they are really not as fragile as we think sometimes. Mine traveled on a very cold night and day of 31 degrees in the mail and were still fine. Gloria Jean
Hmm... might be a fault in the socket or circuit... the bulbs shouldn't be blowing like that. If the housing is underrated for the lamp, that'll cause blow-outs, too. Kinda dangerous even. Have some metal wire between the lamp and bedding to be safe. I agree with crazyhen-- ceramics are best. I've kept an old 250 (from my folks' old heat light in their bathroom) going for 3 weeks.

And don't worry, I also agree that they're more resilient than we might assume. I was worried last night when I put my chicks outside for the first time. They did fine. If they walk away from your water bottles then they're plenty warm enough

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