HELP-Little Silkies eye is completley swollen

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    So, im not going to make this question too long..

    I posted a thread 2 days back about the same young silkie who is getting a swollen eye. No one replied to it so for the sake of my silkie who is getting worse I will repeat my question again.

    My young silkies has a swollen watery eye, I have been washing his eye out with water and Alo vera from day to evening. In hope that his eye would be better today I checked on Nemo today and to my shock his eye is so swollen that it is completely shut-I can see watery liquid and a little bit of hard pus keeping the eye shut.

    All im going to ask for is Help. What do I do now? I feel like he is getting worse and worse by the minute and I can only do so much...What would be the best approach? Are there any Home remedies out there?


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    Is there discharge or a smell associated with the swelling? Are there any other symptoms, like bubbles in the eye? Treatment for an injury would obviously be different than for an infection.

    There are a number of threads on BYC related to swollen eyes, here's one that may be helpful:

    Based solely on the information you provided in this post, if this was my rooster, I'd start treating with Vetericyn ophthalmic gel or an antibiotic ointment (without pain reliever). Hope you see some improvement soon.
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    I would go buy the Vetericyn ophthalmic gel, like FoodFreedomNow stated and see what the results are. At least you gave that a try while looking for more cures.

    here is what the gel does:

    Relieve the itching, burning and stinging from your pet's eyes with Vetericyn[​IMG] Ophthalmic Gel. This easy-to-apply gel contains no steroids, antibiotics or alcohol. It uses a patented oxychlorine compound that is similar to your pet's immune system and has the same pH as tear fluid, making it safe to use in and around the eye. It's also safe if licked or ingested. It speeds healing by naturally working with your pet's immune system to fight infection caused by bacteria, fungi and virus. Do not freeze.
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    Thank you guys for your advice. I am going to order some Poultry eye drops and/or antibiotics for him as I have come down to the fact that he’s just going to get worse and worse until one day it gets to a point where I can’t help him anymore…

    Thankyou both for giving me recommendations on medicine to help him. I will most likely order them in too because I want my boy to get better. But, out of all the Poultry eye drops out there, which one will be best reaccommodated for him that will heal him right up?


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