HELP!! Looking for someone to do the 'dirty work'

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    I have a two year old Australorp that is just too mean to keep in the coop He even pecks the hens and almost ripped the side off of one when he picked a fight with my other rooster (who is gentle, and I want to keep)! I want to remove him from the coop and put him 'in the kitchen' where he will at least do me some good!

    However I neither know nor care to learn how to process a chicken, nor are my housemates too keen on the idea of slaughtering this devil bird on the property. I have asked around, yet although it seems 90% of the population around here hunts, and we do have a wild turkey season, I cannot find anyone who will process birds!

    Does ANYONE here know where I can get this rooster dressed for the table? I live in Blackstock, South Carolina, which is halfway between Columbia and Rock Hill.

    Thanks for your replies.
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    Never mind!

    I found a place that will do it. One of the mechanics that tuned up my car knew a guy, and when I called he said they do birds and will get him ready for the table for me.

    EDIT: nope. They don't do birds anymore either. Imagine that: A state where almost everyone hunts yet not one who will do a bird!
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