Help! Made a huge mistake-help me save my flock


8 Years
Jun 11, 2011
I made a huge mistake. I have 4 4-week old chicks in a brooder in the basement. They have been going outside and foraging on nice days frequently.
They started tearing up the paper towel floor of their brooder so put a mass of old dry grass in the corner, thinking that would help them scratch less at their flooring. I did not think it would be a problem since they have been doing fine with going outside for forage....but no. They ate it. All of it. All four chicks have bulging crops now.
The only grit they have had is sand and what they have found outside. Should I feed them chick grit now? Will it help?
What first aid should I do?
I'm not a vet, but I would keep an eye on them over night, they should empty their crops over night, if they've been foraging outside, they should have enough in their gizzards to help digest the grass, but just keep an eye on them tonight. Wishing you the best with your babies.
Ah, thank you!! I hope ya'll are right and they are able to cope with this. :)
I am feeding them some vinegar in their water and a little yogurt. Who knows if it will help, but it can't hurt at least.
Thank you for the welcome! I've been using this site for years but haven't posted anything till now.
This is not my first flock, but I got lucky with a really smart and friendly group of girls this time round. I have not seen chicks forage so well and so young as these ones! Within a week they were foraging, and very soon eating giant earthworms (kinda had me worried with that one too. I mean TINY chick and GIANT earthworm. lol) and catching flies from the air. They are curious and adorable and all but one will come to be picked up.

they should be fine i have 6 4 day old chicks and they go outside and scratch eat fill their crops full as big as it will get and the next morning their still fine its normal for them to fill their crops up and if their going outside to forage they should have found some little pebbles to use so they should be fine keep an eye on them then tell us how it turns out tomorrow

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