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Sep 10, 2013
yes I am a new chicken owner I have 9 jersey giants they are right now 4 weeks and 5 days old and I bought them from a friend they are very lively and happy none of them look sick or act hurt or anything and I bought them from him before they hatched meaning he has a incubator and hatched me out them so I know they have not be treated for mareks. are they to old to treat

on the same note I have 15 birds coming from a hatchery meyer hatchery to be exact and of course they treat what do I do

I also heard something about turkeys well I have 2 naragusette whatever turkeys I cant spell there in a separate pen next to my layer chickens is that ok they don't seem to have a problem and my hens all lay good and are happy

ok ok to get a better picture I have 4 pens one for my hens ( I have 3) don't know there age or if there been vaccinated
2 feet away I have the 2 turkeys in there pen don't know if vaccinated

then I have a duplex pen with my silver laced polis rooster and on the other side of the duplex is my gold laced polish pair these bird I bought from a lady in the 4h contest after it was over so I am pretty sure she vaccineated
anyway all these pens are close together about feet away from each other

and far away in my front yard next to my front door I have the pen with the 9 jersey gints I said how old they were so I can keep an eye on them and I am sure they have never been vaccinated at all

and tomarrow I have 15 coming from the hatchery so they will be vaccinated

all of my birds are well maintained pens so clean you can eat off them I spend lots of time with my birds they all act healthy and happy I even give them dawn baths sometimes to clean them up

so what do I do about this mareks I thought I give them medicated food for 7 weeks and that is that it covers everything cause the jg are happy growing fast as bleep am I going to infect all my other birds because these jg where not vaccinated am I going to wake up one day and ffind all the birds dead

I did a lot of reading before typing this but nothing made sence are they to old now to vaccinate (jg) or with my hatchery birds that come already vaccinated pass the vaccine to the jg I really am upset and confussed please help
I am really upset I didn't think of this after reading it till I was laying in bed at midnight woke up to a thought and freaked I mean I spend more time with these birds then I do my wife lol
Sorry, I don't have an answer but thought I would help bump your thread for others to see. Hopefully someone more experienced will see this.

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