Help. Maybe a prolapsed vent

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    May 1, 2014
    So this morning I came out to check on the girls and one who just started laying--well she's laid once. Had what looked like a prolapsed vent and was pooping all over the place. There was something hanging out of her vent. I ran in to google what was going on and when I came back out everything was back in order and in place. What is going on? It doesn't look swollen but she hasn't laid and I'm freaked out because I want to make sure I give her the appropriate care.
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    It sounds as though her vent was prolapsed, and went back in on it's own. You can put on a rubber glove and feel upward inside the vent an inch or so, to check for a stuck egg. Some chickens will prolapse with a large egg. If she prolapses again, and it gets stuck, then apply some honey or Preparation H Ointment to reduce swelling and push it back inside if possible. Give her a dose of calcium (calcium tablet, a Tums, or some oyster shell) and make sure that she has an available source for oyster shell daily near her feed. Here are a couple of links to read:

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