help me and my EGGS!!!

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    Jan 19, 2009
    hey all i had ordered 2 dozen eggs from someone on BYC a great mix of eggs and i am / was super excited abou them that is until that stupid devil ice storm hit me and i was out of power for almost 9 days and of course the eggs showed up during day 2 or 3 of now power, ne who no tthe sellers fault so the eggs stayed in a shoe box with wetted napkings and thermometers and the temp stayed around 95- 102 dgrees , i candled them yesterday and couldnt really see anything and some of the eggs looked like the air pocket that usually is in the big end of the egg wasnt there at all and some looked like there was an air buble inside the egg... should i be concerned are all these eggs bad??? should i jsut wait til my next candling im soooo upset i dnt know what to do?!

    and another q what if you dont let ur eggs rest after theyve been shipped nad you put them in the bator only after 6 or 7 hours of resting will that kill the embryos?

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    I would just wait and see- sounds like they had to wait five days?

    They may still have some hatch, they may be delayed. If you want to wait and try candling them in a week- do go ahead, you may see something developing. If you want to toss them, and start over- go ahead and do that too.

    Im sorry that you had such a rotten storm and lost power- thank goodness you are okay. I hope your flock is okay, too.

    Look up the seller who sold you the eggs. Chances are they will have eggs for sale again- and ask to be put on their waiting list for more eggs.

    Sitting and resting before putting them in the incubator is to give the air cell a chance to be in position, and to bring the eggs to room temperature. if you waited seven hours- that didnt kill embryos. Shipping is rough on eggs though, and sometimes the eggs get scrambled en route-

    Good luck with your eggs.
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    Nov 19, 2008
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    I would wait and see. An air bubble that moves can indicate a problem but I would give it more time. Things happen and no one can predict an ice storm. Its not anyones fault. I wish you the best and hope some of the eggs make it. [​IMG]
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    You still might have some hatch....I hope so! So are they in an incubator now? They might just be really delayed.

    And I haven't had a chance to say... [​IMG]

    You are probably not too far from me. I am in Gibson, TN, where are you in KY?

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