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Jun 9, 2009
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k, well a july 6 {i think} of last year i got 3 baby chiks,2 bantams and 1 brown sex of the bantams got eaten by a raccon after i gave him to a neighbor for being noisy.well now its almost july again, and marley {brown sex link} and clairice {white bantam} have already been laying eggs but only occasionly sitting on them {acctually i lied.clair is the only one who will sit on them.}but i want chicks and dont want to drive to western farms and i want CLAIR to hatch them so she will finaly be a mommy.i can just go get some fertile eggs and set them in the coop.but im worried clair will abandon the eggs and they will die.will she have an instinct to just kno theyre alive, and hatch them?!?!?!i dont kno!!!!help!

and i have a chicken named clairese too. is she broody (broody is wanting to sit on eggs) alot of the time she will sit in the nest box even if there is are no eggs also sometimes if you go near them they will get big like a turkey and make a high pitch sound at you telling you to back off but to me it doesnt sound as if she is fully broody
She needs to be broody before you give her eggs. This means she is already trying to sit on eggs or other objects to hatch them. She will act defensive even to you, she will not want to get off the nest at all... other then in short intervals to eat. Usually if she has been sitting on her nest for about 2 days or so and not wanting to move... it is a safe bet she's broody...

However, at this point there is NO guarentee she won't get off the eggs and give up too early.

All you can do is try!
So you don't have a rooster?
Buy the fertile eggs when you observe that she has gone broody, kick her out of the nesting box so she can't see what you're doing, and replace the infertile eggs with fertile ones, then let her back it. All you can do is observe, she'll do the rest.

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