Help me choose which chickens/breeds to keep!

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Cowgirl71, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    I was up to almost 200 chickens this spring. I'm drastically downsizing to 16 hens and a rooster.

    MY GOALS: I want a hardy, free-ranging, egg producing, meat producing flock, with some hens going broody and hatching next years flock (and I'll get a new rooster every year to keep from inbreeding). Basically, I want a FARM flock.

    Here's what I got to choose from for keeping:

    6 fourteen month old Buff Orpington/Barred Rock crosses, all proven to be great broodies

    12 two month old Rhode Island Red pullets

    16 one month old Barred Rock pullets

    1 one month old Buff Orpington, 90% sure she's a pullet

    The rooster will be a Buff Orpington, that I know (and not at all related to the Buff Orpingtons listed above). Please offer your opinions of which 16 hens you'd keep, if you were in my shoes, and let me know your thoughts behind your choices. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Sep 29, 2010
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    Well if you want to go with egg production, I find the Rocks and RIRs are good choices, I had an old barred hen that would hatch at least 2 batches of chicks each year, great momma to them all, and even at the age of 8 she will still go broody if you give some eggs! Don't know bout RIRs broodiness, but I hear they can be good mommas. Plus if you have a Orp over either breed you should have some nice size birds good for the dinner table. I know for a fact Rocks are very hardy and I have heard the same with RIRs. If you can't decide, why not have 8 Rock hens and 8 RIR hens, it will give you variety and you are staying in the range of animals you want to keep [​IMG]
  3. coppahed

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    Sep 12, 2007
    Buff Orpington roo and barred rock girls. The chicks will be sex-linked. You will know when they are born if they are pullets or roo's.
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    Feb 4, 2011
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    Quote:x2 and my barred rocks have great personalities.
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    Apr 25, 2010
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  6. Stellar

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    Surprising out of all my birds, I find my Marans pumping out the most eggs! They must love showing off themselves!

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