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8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
East Tennessee
Okay, I'm gonna cook some birds today. So here's the question, how do I cook them? I like them no matter how I cook them, but I don't know how I like them best... So, how do I cook them? I have a propane grill, charcoal grill, and I can fry them. So which one and what should I do to them? I have bacon and fixins ready to go. They're almost thawed out...
I like them cooked the end. But I did put these on the pit & they were tasty. One pickled jap in the vent wrapped with bacon & marinaded in Kikkoman Teriyaki & dusted with Montreal Steak spicy. Cooked on the pit using good old pecan wood. Put them on a bed of Texmati Rice & fresh salad & ice cold Mickeys Wide Mouth.
Looks good, I gave them a bath in vegetable oil and then put dry rub and old bay on them, wrapped them in bacon and put half of them on the grill. The rest are in my friend's smoker, I decided I'd go borrow it so I'll have smoked quail.

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