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    Since there are apparently no limits to my chicken obsession, I am thinking about getting an incubator but I need some input from you guys - you all seem to know so much! [​IMG] I'd hate to run out to TSC and buy the LG and turner they have there just because I WANT IT NOW and it's fairly inexpensive and then end up shelling out money for a better one later. I'm trying to get the best one for my needs now, so it will be around for the long haul.

    I want something almost idiot proof (yes, I'm saying I'm an idiot!) and easy for a beginner to use, yet something that a more experienced hatcher would use, too. I WANT IT ALL, dang it! [​IMG]

    I've managed to narrow it down to two choices (but then I saw the R-Com King suro...) but I really do need some help.

    Choice Number One:
    The Brinsea Octogon 20 Advance (w/o the automatic humidity control).

    I wasn't going to go for the auto humidity right now, but I think I can add that later with this incubator. The price is kinda high, but I like that it's not styrofoam (not sure why I like that it's not styrofoam, actually...) and that it's all digital. I'm a geek and I like technology!

    Choice Number Two:
    The Genesis Hovabator 1588 with the automatic egg turner.

    I really don't want the quail eggs that come with this (if I'm reading the description right!). I do like the price better, but if I end up buying a Brinsea in a two months or something, that won't matter.

    In writing this post, I've almost talked myself into the Brinsea, but I'd love hear what some of you with a lot of hatching experience have to say.

    Thanks a ton - I know this information is available in all of the former posts entitled "best incubator for a beginner," etc., but I think I need someone to push me to hit the "buy" button. [​IMG]

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    if you want idiot proof then you DO want automatic humidity or you may never hatch anything. (due to lack of or too much humidity)
    it happened to me, my first rx7 with turner, zero hatches, glad I changed. but remember, the less you have to fool with it, the more it probably will cost.
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    You could also do the Brinsea Octogon 20 Eco, I have a couple of those and they are really easy to use and clean. I also have the 1588 and really like it too. The pluses, it holds more eggs, the down side, it is not quite as easy to clean.
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    Oct 9, 2008
    I LOVE my Brinsea. I have the Eco 20, but will get the advance with humidity control if I can ever afford it [​IMG]
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    This is probably no help, as everyone has a different opinion. I think you would do fine with the Genesis 1588. You can also get them at good prices on ebay, and they are usually very quick to send them out, too. And no quail eggs. [​IMG]

    You could, if you want, get the LG turner, a little cheaper, and it works just fine in the Genesis.

    Or just turn your own eggs twice a day.

    You can get more eggs in them than you can the Brinsea, I think, but I don't have a Brinsea so I am not sure about that.

    Although I do watch my own humidity, the little troughs in the Genesis seem to work the way they say they will.

    If you turn your own eggs, most people put an x and an o on opposite sides of the eggs to show which ones are turned. Myself, I like a sad face and a happy face. The eggs look so cute that way. Oh well...

    One thing, whatever you get, I would check the temp. Seriously, I don't think anything is idiot proof, not really. The Genesis pretty much stays rock solid, but I had to adjust the temp on mine twice before it was right. I think from what I have heard, this is a little unusual, though.

    I still recommend them, though.


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