Help me decide what my rooster is.

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by kensangell, Aug 11, 2008.

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    Aug 7, 2008
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    I know this would be easier with a picture but right now my camera is functionally impaired. Anyway, I was given a rooster a few weeks ago and have no clue what he is. I have narrowed it down (by using pictures here on BYC and other sites) to he is either a Nanking or of the two old english a wheaten or a black breasted red. How can I tell. Maybe I am way off, but those pictures show his colors, and they are smaller. This little guy is so tiny. This may be a clue that will help someone, he is half the size ( if not smaller) of my silkie hens. I have never seen such a small chicken. I really would appreciate any guesses. I will work on pictures. I would love to know what he is so I can get him a few lady friends. He is super friendly to for a rooster. Not aggresive at all.
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    nankings have Blue legs i believe. Wheaten/Black breasted red Old englishs all have white legs unless crossed :}
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    A pic would definately help.

    When looking at a bbr, the hackles and saddles should have an orangey-red tone, and a red patch on the wings, which should be slightly darker...on a wheaton, the wing patches will be this orangey-red, but the hackles and saddles will be a lighter orangey color, with the saddles a little darker than the hackles.
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    Quote:I agree if we are dealing with show strains, But even then, There's Female Lines of BB's where the males are so light that i'ts impossible to tell the difference between the two...That coupled with as many run of the mill BB's being bred its anybody's guess without seeing them as a chick..But yeah that is a good description you gave...

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