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    Aug 10, 2010
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    I have 41 chickens and two seperate coops.....I have an adult coop and a teenage coop. I have two roosters in each... 12 hens in one coop and 23 hens in the other. My concern is for my young adult roo who is in the adult coop. The hen to roo ration is not correct and I am afraid of the two boys fighting to the death..... while the teenage coop has a 12 to one ratio....should I move my young roo in with the teenagers and the ratio will be 8 to 1 or should I take a few of the hens from the teenage coop and add them to the adult coop... to make the ratio better?? He is only two moths older than the teenagers

    Eating the roos is not an option at this time so please do not suggest that to me. I am new at raising chickens so I haven't experienced putting an older chicken in with younger ones.. so I am looking for some one to share thier experiences.....Thank you [​IMG]
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    I would probaly move some hens or purchas esome more hens to even out the ratio.[​IMG]

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