Help Me Design A Smell Free Coop And Run For 12 Ducks


5 Years
Oct 4, 2016
I have to get rid of the majority of my ducks. It's costing around $70 dollars a week to feed our 50 ducks, and we buy the cheapest food possible, straight from the feed mill. I have 12 that I really like, I'll go over them now. They are in order of age, although I'll list their groups they hang out in here. Hoppy and Gulliver: Vanilla Creamy and Jasmine's clone : Fluffy, Cookie, and Jasmine : Seedo and Indigo : Pocket and Lemmi

Gulliver- Appleyard cross drake, raised by chickens (Around a year and a half old, maybe two)
Hoppy- Apppleyard cross drake with a foot that was mangled by an eel (Around a year and a half old, maybe two)

Vanilla Creamy- Young muscovy who I believe is a female. Much beloved pet, Nearly killed by a feral cat (Six months old)
Jasmine's clone- Pure white pekin drake with a weird peely beak issue, my sister thought he was a clone of our other pekin Jasmine (Around four months old)

Fluffy- Large brownish duck Nearly killed by hawk,rammed by pet lamb at a day old, suffered from a punctured lung and is the only remaining one of her siblings(around five months old)
Cookie- Small scruffy drake(four months old)
Jasmine- Pekin duck (four months old)

Pocket- Beautiful purebreed showing appleyard duck (by NZ standards anyway) When baby, was nearly drowned by insane (adoptive) muscovy mother
(Five and a half months old)
Lemmi (LEmon) White duck with patterns on body and head (Five and a half months old)

Seedo-Black duck with white chest, green legs and beak (Five and half months old)
Indigo (Indie)- Black duck with patterns on body and head

So now that you know my flock (The ones that I love so dearly) You'll see that in bold I showed all the bad things that had happened to them because they went without the protection of a coop. I plan on keeping them in a full time coop. My parents main concern is smell, and whether or not the entire coop will be filled with disgusting sludgey mud by Winter. We are currently in Autumn (Or Fall if you are American) and we have VERY wet winters. Rain every day. Space is no issue, but we are on a budget. Mum says that if anyone hatches ducklings, they're going straight to the pet shop.

I may be able to get free pallets, but the wood isn't very high quality.
I am open to suggestions, as I really need help.
Feel free to ask questions about space, possible resouces near me, or anything like that.
I am open to ALL suggestions, post pics of your duck coop.

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