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Jun 5, 2009
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Ahhh! Just came up from the barn and have a 4th bird down.

This is how its played out so far. About a month ago, one of my Mille Fleur Cochins presented with what I thought was a leg injury. Splayed out straight. I wrapped it in the correct anatomical position. Crated her in house. Next morning other leg is splayed out in other direction. My 1st thought is Mareks!! Total Freak Out. Clean out all cages etc etc. Next morning another MFC in pen next to 1st one presents with same leg issue. Bring her up and put her in the 'death crate' figuring I would keep them comfy til they got worse and I got brave and culled. They got worse before they got better but then Voila! They started to move around and walk normally after about a week. So, I put them back in the pens.

Then Friday, DD's silkie hen is found on her back with feet flailing in the air. Pathetic. Bring her to the totally sanitized 'death crate' She is still totally unable to move without flopping around. Must be held and offered food and water. The other 2 also never lost thier appetites. Ate like piglets while they were in Iso. Silkie ate some yogurt tonight...gobbled it down. But its like she has Parkinsons. If I dont hold her head and body, she cant get her face to the food. She is a wreck....but still laying an egg a day. =/

So now tonight I find a 4th bird (all have been pullets interestingly and my roo-hen ratio is about 50/50 so it shouldnt be skewed like this). This bird is presenting exactly like the 1st two. One foot straight out, flopping around cause she is off balance. But eating and drinking. They also ALL lose their voices with this but regain it when they are well. Little beaks opening and closing but no noise.

I have checked all of my feed bins for mold. Even bought new bags just in case. All pens have been cleaned. No one has worms or mites. No changes in diet or water source.

I am at a loss. I do know that I can not have a chicken isolation unit in my house all winter as birds come down with this and then (hopefully) get better. This is crazy. What would you treat with? Also...none of my freeranging layers have come down with this. I have added only one new bird to the pens and none of the sick chickens have come anywhere near him and the hens in his pen are fine.

No discharge, no one feels overly warm. No coughing or sneezing. Just this neuro symptoms.


The only thing I can think of is exposure to some toxin that causes partial paralysis. Something similar to botulism. Aren't there some molds or feed contaminants that can cause similar symptoms. Did you get a new batch of feed? When they get ill do you switch them to another feeding regimen. If it is a toxin, and not some infectious agent, it would most likely come from the feed, the water or the bedding. Sorry that I can't be of any real help.
We have replaced all of our feed since the illness in the 1st two birds. Including the feed buckets. We continue to use the same brand tho'
Bedding and water source are also unchanged.


So frustrating to have sick chickies.

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