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Mar 28, 2018
Los Banos, Ca
I (Or should I say my son) has two 14 week old male Pekins. Actually, they have no idea they're ducks. They are his children. Quick background. My son is 11 and is nicknamed Superduck. He's wanted ducks forever and has actually had them named since he was 5. For Christmas his dream came true, he got Chuck and Buck. They are his best friends. They are indoor ducks who are completely spoiled rotten and even sleep with him. They also get plenty of outdoor time during the day while "Daddy" is at school and practice.

Chuck and Buck are neighborhood / town celebrities. You see, we live in a small town in the middle of CA, and my son is well known in his sport internationally, and when you come from a podunk town...everyone knows you. Chuck and Buck spend their days in the front yard, making mudholes to play in, soaking up the sun, and eating bugs. Their afternoons are spent greeting all the families walking home from school and waiting for kids to come play with them. It's kind of ridiculous but they love the attention. Everyone loves them. Until the neighbors got mad at us...

They aren't mad at the ducks. They're mad at us, my husband and I, for some stupid reason. Instead of acting like adults, they go out of their way to harass us by calling the cops and code enforcement for every little thing. (Ex. Garbage can left out one hour past the aloted time of 5PM....code enforcement! Yes, that petty) They hit below the belt yesterday and Animal Control showed up.

Our zoning allows for ducks with permits. We were working on those because we knew the one neighbor would start. Our code enforcement isn't too specific as in it tells us we need a permit but doesn't show where to get the permit. It states we need one from CA Fish and Game, too. Can't find that. I want to have all my ducks in a row (See what I did there? :) ) when I present the permit application. Anyone recommend anything else I should bring? The entire neighborhood is in an uproar that their beloved Chuck and Buck aren't out front to greet them. They are demanding the return of the boys! AC stated "what they can't see won't hurt them" but I want to cover our butts and be able to allow the boys back out front.


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Thank you! When I posted on my son's FB page, I got responses like "Which neighbor? I'm going to throw flaming cat poop on their porch!" and lots of demands for the ducks to be returned to the yard! LOL They are very well loved by all. Poor boys stood at the door all day waiting to go out front. Apparently the back yard wasn't good enough for them!

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