help me find whats wrong with my hen omelet

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  1. lafeir1

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    Feb 4, 2012
    Hello; im new to the forum. We have 3 young hens born last july. I was told by my cousin they are a cross buff. The one that is sick is mostly golden blonde. She eats and drinks some not much. Her crop feels empty at any time i check her. She wants to lay in the nest most of time. She will join others in garden scratching and acting fine if we carrie her to the garden and she will go back to nest on her own. We have not wormed them yett. They are laying eggs still. The acting sick hen is still laying also. We feed them pellet food from tractor supply; some oyster shell occasionally. Some bird seed treats. Her eyes are clear she seems to breath fine. She has been acting this way for2 weeks. Help thanks.]
  2. ericnash

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    Jun 13, 2011
    she sounds like she is going broody. This is common with buffs. Get the eggs out of the coop soon and often so she can't lay on them and she will break out of it. Don't be surprised if she stops laying eggs all together for awhile.

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