Help me ID this black and brown, slate legged single comb hen please


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11 Years
Jun 11, 2008

Can anyone help me identify this hen? She is 11 months old, and I acquired her yesterday. All the other hens in this flock of 6 were clearly 5 different particular breeds, but I can't figure this one out. Because of the source I am guessing that she is not a mutt (no costs were spared by the original owner in acquiring these hens), but she may be! Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you.
Pepperpot? After more searching, I'm starting to think she might the mix called "Miss Pepperpot", which apparently is a Maran x RIR. Any pepperpot owners who might confirm?

Another photo. Here she is from a different angle. Feathers all the way down to the tail have a brown blush, and tail feathers include tiny brown speckle. Anyone?
Well, SHE thinks she is special! Starting to boss the others a bit. Here is hoping for something in the mix that makes for especially pretty eggs, maybe a little darker brown than usual!

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