Help me identify my mystery hen!


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I bought this hen as a chick off a woman in my city who runs a medium chicken farm. She'd had a few glasses of wine before I stopped by so she wasn't tip-top on telling me what I was buying :p Luckily I wasn't after any particular breed. She thought this one was an Australorp though. She's smaller than my barred rock hen, is a tad on the noisy side and tends to be rather friendly and likes to be pet. Today was the first day she laid eggs (or second day) and I have two. They're both small/medium sized and pretty white but one has a pinkish hue (very feint). I cannot for the life of me figure out what she is! I also have an easter egger who is about 3 weeks older and isn't laying yet. I don't know for sure if these eggs are my mystery hen's (Woody) or if they could possibly be the easter egger (Cinnamon). Any ideas?

The google image search looks very much like her! But then again so did a lot of others :p But I do believe you're on to something! The egg pic I uploaded looks more tan than it actually is. The other egg I have inside looks very white. Thank you!
I had to go catch her for some pictures. Hopefully this helps. I tried looking at the comb types but I am not really sure!

The woman I bought her from breeds multiple breeds...possible she could be a cross breed of some sort? I've seen so many that look like her and its hard to narrow down!
She is not very large. My biggest is my barred rock (who is now my avatar). This hen is a little bit tall but she's not very fluffy. I've seen a few bantam chickens and I'd say she's bigger than the ones I've seen (though I'm sure it varies from breed to breed). If I could get all the girls together for a pic, I'm sure it'd help! They're out grazing now and want nothing to do with me or my camera. :p Perhaps she will forever remain my mystery girl!

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