Help me identify!


7 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I decided to pick up 6 "show" chicks and work with our local 4-H kids get involved with showing...can ya'all help me identify breed(s)

I have one with a red head and plummage of Sicilian Buttercup standing on Willow Shanks (shanks not pictured)

I was able to ID the Bantam Mottled Cochin

I am suppose to have a couple Hamburgs, but believe one to be a Black Sex Link (Black Shanks & Beak, all black until a week ago, now mixed with beautiful rust coloring.)

A feather legged Barred Plymouth Rock-RIGHT?

We believe the CA Grey chick to be a cockerel.

Anything to help the kids.

We've always raised Leghorns and Rhode Islands for eggs. This year, we added a Golden Comet and two Copper Queens.

Thanks m


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