Help me keep my nesting boxes dry


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Mar 16, 2014
Almost finished with my coop and with deluge we had last night I noticed that my nesting boxes are leaking through the egg door. Here's a picture. I guess I should made my roof a little larger but it's too late now

Probably too late, but on mine I used a flap of rubber over the hinges, and then shingles over that. It looks nice and no chance of leaks.

Yeah, looks like the water is falling off the eave of the coop roof and splashing through your hinge opening. I wouldn't have though of using this stuff, but I just bought several lengths of vinyl garage door molding. Its plastic molding, with a flexible vinyl "flap", sticking out about an inch, that seals against the door. Might work for what you need, by putting the hard molding part on the wall and letting the flap cover the hinge line.
I used rubber roofing material on my egg box door for the same reason, so you can staple the rubber over the hinges and prevent water from leaking through.

I'm guessing you could also add a rain gutter on the main roof to prevent runoff onto the egg box lid.
Thanks all I went and got a black garage door seal, and a white garage door side seal. Don't know which I'll use yet. Thanks again

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