help me learn chicken colors!


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There are so many colors/patterns that I am not familiar with. So many color names don't really describe what color they are! Can you all help me out? Would you just name the color/pattern with a pic as an example? We don't need five of the same, but if it is different in one breed than another then thats good to see. So if buff is different in one breed than the next, post that too. I'm interested to see the rainbow!


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Good idea! I'm glad I wasn't the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the variety there is
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Well, there's so much to say

But I'll answer one thing for ya -

When a breed has two different colors but the same pattern, often names are shortened, and sound similar or different than the same color of another breed but aren't. Sounds confusing, I know, but here's some example -

In Brahmas, there's the Buff color. However what they mean is Buff Columbian. But since it is simply a golden form of Silver Columbian, they simplify it down to "buff" and "light" - Which is basically Gold Columbian and Silver Columbian.

However, in Ameraucanas among most other breeds, Buff is something different. Since there aren't any Columbian type colors or colors that are gold vs silver, Buff is simply Buff. Solid golden orangey color, no black what so ever.

In Ameraucanas, "Silver" refers to Silver Duckwing. However since there's no Golden Duckwing or Black Breasted Red, the name is simplified.

However, in Araucanas - "Silver" is actually called Silver Duckwing. Why? Because in Araucanas - There's also Gold Duckwing and Black Breasted Red. These are basically all different forms of gold vs silver in the Duckwing patterning. Black Breasted Red is the name for one who's solid gold, genetically. Gold Duckwing is the name for a male who's half gold, half silver. Silver Duckwing is simply a silver.

Henk69's Chicken Calculator actually does a pretty decent job of illustrating some of the colors, too. For example it shows what Gold Duckwing, Black Breasted Red, and Silver Duckwing males all look like, how they differ, and how they differ from what some people think is the same color, one known as Brown-Red. Yet as shown in the illustrations, Brown-Red does not have a reddish brown "triangle" in its wing feathers.

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