Help me look for peach golden eggs...pretty please?!


9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
Looking for peach golden eggs.
There were some on ebay but I missed the end of the auction and havn't been able to find any since.
Even better would be peach chicks or dare I say it adult birds?!
Only looking for peach...not the splash.
Thanks so much!
Thanks guys, I found a lovely guy through the forum. Am going to be getting my eggs in May. I love the peach variety...knowing my luck they'll all hatch out splash!!!!! Hey is it possible to have a red golden 'splash'. My red male has some yellow mottling at the top of his red breast. Otherwize he is absolutely typical in his build and feathering. The mottling streaches down about an inch and a half and is not very noticeable. If someone tells me how to post a picture on here I'll post one.

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