Help me name my found dog **back with her owners**


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Ok, so if you havn't read my strange found dog story, I would recommend you read it now... Go on, I'll wait.

So now that you're back, I need help naming this dog. I've had an ad posted on Craigslist, in the newspaper and at the humane society, and I havn't found her owner. I actually have not even had anyone call after the first day.

Since it's been almost 4 days since she was found, I am assuming that she was dumped and is unwanted. Read post #53 for my reasoning behind this logic. We are going to get her a flea dip tomorrow and her rabies shot since there is a clinic at the local feed store, and assume that she is here to stay.

Obviously if the owners contact us and can give a reasonable explanation for why they havn't looked for her for 4 days, we will gladly return her.

So, the guts of the matter, she needs a NAME!! And it has to be something good, because with a story that good behind her, she deserves a magnificent name! Since you are more creative than I am, I am leaving that up to you.

The contest will end Monday at 9pm CST, with the winner receiving their choice of cookies or homemade chocolate covered cherries (to die for, even if you don't like store bought ones). The prize will still be distributed even if her original owner contacts us.

Some pictures to help with your decision! (I will try to add better ones soon...)


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I second that!

or you could call her Rip. Then when she dies you can put RIP Rip on her head stone.

My first dog when I was a kid was named Rip.

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