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Apr 7, 2021
i own a lot of doves and today when I went to check up on them I notice one was just laying down and I grabbed her and like placed her back in the cage to see if she walks but she isn’t walking or eating I brang her inside and gave her food and water and she isn’t eating she’s like (sleeping) her eyes are close and she’s breathing but she doesn’t wanna move.what do I do !!


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I dont know anything about doves but I do know that sometimes a little sugar water with electrolytes will help revive a sick bird enough for it to eat. Does she have any injuries you can see or feel?
She doesn’t have any injuries not that ik of but I put her out in the sun and she drinking water and eating just that she can’t move as much she can like wiggle around to get somewhere but she can’t fly
Start with a few drops of sugar water or diluted honey in an eye dropper and continue to make sure she is hydrating and give it some time.
Was she on the floor when you found her, she may have fallen out of or off of a perch and has internal injuries, You can spread the feathers with you fingers and check the skin on her underside for black and blue areas that can result rom blunt trauma.
Also lots of talking and a few kisses which really don't medically help but emotionally couldn't hurt! the bird or you! good luck

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