Help me with my first coop, pretty please!


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Nov 30, 2015
I hired a guy to build me a coop based on pictures of one he built that I liked. I told him I needed one big enough for 10-12 hens. I'm new to all of this and he builds coops, and has chickens himself. The coop interior is 4x4 with exterior nesting boxes and an attached 8x4 run. Now that I've done more research, I realize this is no where enough space for that many birds. I will free range them as much as possible but I know there is bad weather and other factors that may affect that. He delivered the coop today and I'm hoping you all can help me figure out how I should have him enlarge it. I'm not a builder by any stretch of the imagination, so I have no idea what's possible.

I have 10 chicks being delivered Jan 12th, so I'm definitely going to need to room in a couple of months. I plan to attach another run to what's included in the coop structure, but I'm open to all ideas. Help!



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Nov 23, 2013
maybe add to the coop in the front..... 1/2 again as long or enclose the whole shebang and make...another...or two.....
JUST SAYING....we made our chicken coop tractor,twice as big( as long)as the original plan and its still too small...
cause I when I bought the original plans....was a newbie.
that guy sure is lousy at chicken math....

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Sep 20, 2015
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This is a pickle huh? Opinions differ, but I think the general rule for coop space is 4sqft. per bird. If you have 10 chickens you will need 40sqft. for your coop. Enclosing the whole structure will get you closer to that "magic" number. Then you would need to add an additional run which as a general rule is 10sq ft per bird or 100sq ft in your case. Now, these are general guidelines, so of course the numbers can be tweeked.
IMO. The bigger the better on both the coop and run. There may be days of bad weather or other circumstances like you said when it is not possible to free range.

Now, you may also talk to the guy who built this for you and come up with another idea. Maybe he has another customer who needs one this size and can build another larger one for you?

Good luck and let us know what solution(s) you come up with. I do like the looks of the structure, it looks nice.

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