Help me with second dose of wormer for sick chicken


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Jun 26, 2011
My year old Americana was moving slowly and had a poopy butt, so I figured it was worms. The only thing I could find locally was Wazine, so I gave her some, planning to follow up with Valbazen 10 days later. She started doing a little better (and I found a 3 inch roundworm in her stool), but she is acting tired again (I'm assuming worm eggs hatched since she didn't get a second dose yet?) Should I give her another dose of wazine today(Monday) or wait until Wed when my shipment of Valbazen should be here and then use it? And should I give her two treatments of Valbazen, since my timing is off? by wed, it will have been at least two and half weeks since her initial treatment of Wazine.

Thank you! I'm concerned about delaying for too long and about the worming being hard for her.


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Nov 27, 2008
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Just wait until Wednesday when you get the valbazen, one treatment will be enough for her in this instance. Give her 1/2cc orally. Consider worming your other birds with the valbazen as well.
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