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Mar 22, 2017
I'm a very worried teenage mom and my chicks are hatching very slowly. I have 2 out, one had to be assisted since yesterday and barley came out this morning. I named her "Minish" and she has curled toe. I put cardboard on it but my real problem is that she can't walk correctly and won't eat. She drinks a tiny bit with assistance and chirps a lot. Yes I know chicks can live up to 36 hours without food or water but I'm worried from when that time ends and she still won't eat, what should I do then?

(The other chick Is doing fine. He's still in the incubator and is doing better progress then his older sibling)


Feb 15, 2017
Curled toes is normal for chick that had to be helped out of the shell. Her toes will straighten out. Its also normal for her to not eat for a few days. They can go three days no food or water.

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