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    Jan 16, 2009
    Hi! My rooster's name is Billy ans this is the first time that I'll write in any sorts of forums. I think my chicken is sick. He won't raise his head, he's always looking down and he eats a little. It's been three days already and I don't know what to do. I bought him medicine, which is Baxidil, an antibacterial medicine and SMP500 tablet. If you know the two medicines i just told you, is it right for my chicken? Please help. I'm desperate [​IMG]
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    We would like to help but we need more information.

    Please review this thread:

    Your birds symptoms can indicate a number of things. I am no expert.
    I'm just trying to help you deliver the right info to someone who could help.

    Baxidil looks like an antibiotic. It probably won't hurt. Watch the doseage.

    SMP500 is a mystery to me.
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    Are you giving him the medicine? If he isn't eating or drinking you will have to make sure he gets it by dribbling it along his beak. Does he have any discharge from his nostrils? Is he coughing or sneezing? Keep him away from your other chickens in a warm, dry place and offer him some treats to eat...yogurt, cooked oatmeal, chopped boiled eggs, etc.

    SMP 500 is a sulfa antibiotic. I don't know the correct dose for poultry.
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  4. SMP 500 ? You sure this is correct ?

    If this is the tablet form of the drug sulfamethoxide it si RESERVED for cattle.

    Please do indicate what the bottle states or did you just buy one tablet of the stuff ?

    You can give your chicken sulfa drugs, but their indications (relevant drug against a certian disease) is fairly limited.

    If you do not know what your chicken has in the way of disease you will not help it by throwing antibacterial agents at it.

    Give the chicken some TLC. A bit of yogurt, some water with vitamines and minerals, give it a warm place to stay and watch it carefully.

    Search on this site and other for symptoms and such. Really without seeing the bird only you can make a guess at what the problem is.

    We are all here to help. Please give some more information on the chickens symptoms and do answer the quetions. You would be suprised what people on here reconize as a treatment in your answers.

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