Help! mean but lonely rooster.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Brahmalover4eva, Mar 13, 2016.

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    May 21, 2014
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    My friends had three roosters and not very many hens so they gave me two of their roosters to try to integrate into our large flock (about fifty but it depends on the time of year :) ) they have formed a strong connection with these roosters as they used to sit and watch TV with them for hours. I put them in a large cage probably five square feet (they're bantams) and they were fine then the larger one ripped the back of the little ones neck so we iodined it then super glued it and he's as good as new. Then we put them in separate cages but they started getting lonely. I've let them out in the coop a few times, the big one does fine with them so I decided to let him out today and free range but now the little one is lonelier than ever and I can't let him out because he attacks every chicken hen or rooster and then they bleed and I don't want anything to happen to my chickens cause they're my babies and I couldn't even imagine slaughtering them even in the darkest of times.
    Sorry for the lengthy paragraph [​IMG].
    Thanks in advance,
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    I never had this exact problem but I did have a rooster that was very mean, we was never mean when he was in the coop with the hens but when I let them free range and when I would be outside watching them he would attack me. So eventually I started to catch him every so often to teach him I was the boss and a few days later if he saw me he would run behind the coop. Maybe if you handled this mean rooster more he might not attack the other hens or roosters as much or not even at all.
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    Oct 23, 2014
    Will your friends take him back? He was house trained to be part of their family. Maybe he could hang out in your house and watch TV with you.
  4. Brahmalover4eva

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    May 21, 2014
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    No, they can't take him back and he wasn't house trained they would place towels over their laps and let them sleep on it.
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    If he won't play nice with others, around my place he wouldn't play at all. He'd be sold if possible, or butchered.

    Something I'm not usually a fan of, but might be a solution here, is tethering him. I've never done it, but you should be able to research how to do it correctly and safely for the bird. That way he could be "out", so to speak, but the other birds would be able to get away from him if needed. That's if you're bound and determined to keep him for whatever reason.

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