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What will happen if ducks get a hold of medicated chicken feed? Went to the feed store told them I wanted the starter chicken feed like I had before. I didnot pay attention until I got home and granddaughter was feeding the ducklings and chicks. The ducklings were born on Memorial Day. It will be tomorrow before I can get back to the store and tomorrow afternoon before I can home to feed them the chick sarter food they have been on. Anne
Medicated with what???

Most medicated feed is medicated with amprolium, which will not hurt a duck. Years ago, feed was medicated with some kind of stuff that had arsenic in it, which WAS harmful to a duck. If it is medicated with an antibiotic, then I do not know.
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I was skeptical also but my feed store got in contact with their purina rep and they said it would not hurt the ducks. I am on my 2nd set of ducklings on it and their doing great.

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