Help missing chicken!!!!

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    Mar 18, 2014
    East Sussex , England
    I wasnt sure what forum to put it into so i put it in 'managing your flock' and 'emergencies'

    Anyway i went to put my chickens and ducks in today and whilst doing so there was a heavy thunderstorm and 3 of my ducks and a chicken ran away as they are free range and were frightened. it very quickly got dark and i completely lost sight of them igot a torch and looked for them for two hours in the pouring rain and i finally found the three ducks in the neighbours stream but no chicken. She has always followed and socialised with m ducks and not my chicken flock so i was expecting her to be with them but there is loads of trees and bushes by the stream i found the ducks so could she be roosting in them. I would love to hear any experiences where the have lost and found there chickens or any tips on helping find her? :(

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