Help!! mites, what do I do?! :(


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Oct 30, 2012
I was cleaning my coop today and moved a box and underneath I found huge colonies of mites. I am assuming, from what Ive read, they must be chicken mites because I Looked at all my birds, i have only 6, and I couldnt see a single mite or any signs of mites either. The mites were red and grey. I sprayed the box with diluted bleach water and threw out all the straw, but I had to put clean straw back in because my hen wanted to lay an egg. I have a parrot and dogs and also other rodent pets so I cant have mites coming on me from outside, please help me! What do I do to get rid of this? and what could cause it? I have a mole in my yard that keeps making little hills and I cant get rid of the dang thing, he keeps popping up in my chicken run, he could have spread the mites to the chickens right? (If anyone knows a good way to get rid of a mole, Id love to hear it! Haha! ) What do i do about these mites? I read about a few ways but what gets rid of them best? in the house too, and what kills eggs? Anything? Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
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There are other types of mites, not just the Northern Fowl mite and the red mite:

(there are also grain mites, straw mites, etc.)
It is best not to use straw in the coop as it is a little tube where buggies can hide. I like to use cedar shavings in the nest boxes to keep away bugs, and pine shavings are best in the coop for general use (NOT cedar as it is too aromatic for chickens).
this might help you- you might have been seeing the straw mites
don't use any pesticide in the coop that isn't approved for chickens- this website isn't geared towards coops
this one is chicken-specific
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