Help! Mom wont except babies!


12 Years
Jun 18, 2008
We received 2 new baby chicks today so i figured maybe my broody hen that has chicks at about the same age as the new ones would except the new babies. I tried putting them in with her and she likes the dark colored one but the yellow chick she pecks at. What should i do?! I cant put them in a brooder and raise them myself because we are leaving in a few days... is there any way i can get her to except the yellow chick?
Or you could try dying your little yellow chick a darker color with some kool-aid. Its a long shot, but if the chick stands out because its a lighter color it may help. So long as you don't mind an oddly colored chick. Good luck!
Hey, I was gonna suggest that!

There's a whole thread about dying a chicken here:

agree that it's a long-shot, but it's worth a try. It's so much easier to have all the chicks reared by a momma hen--they take care of everything and you don't have to worry about introducing a half-grown chicken to the general flock later.

I also had a hen that wouldn't accept any light-colored chicks (would peck at them savagely), but at the time there was another hen that accepted ALL chicks.

Give it a try--we'll all be very interested in learning how it works. Make sure to use a dark color--dark blue, purple, or red--red should show up black in black & white.
I really like the idea of trying to dye the chick but i just think this hen has something against them. I have a white silkie hen that went broody a few weeks ago and she excepted the yellow chick, the only problem is, i dont have anywhere to put her with the yellow chick. should i take out the hen with the baby chicks and put the silkie in there? the chicks are very bonded to the momma but do you think they would bond with the silkie right away? and will the other momma freak out without any babies?

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