HELP! Month old ducklings lethargic for a few hours then dead


6 Years
Jan 18, 2014
Sebastopol, CA
Help please. I have a group of month old runner ducklings. Live in a brooder in garage. No heat but in insulated garage. Eating starter they have been on since birth with grit and brewers yeast added. Pine shavings. One was lethargic yesterday afternoon. Pit electrolytes in water (We are on a well). Isolated her. She died last night Just now I went out to do the noon water refresh and another one is dead! Help! :barnie


5 Years
Aug 9, 2014
Western Washington
I would clean out the brooder and water thoroughly in case their are still germs or disease left from the dead duckings or their feces. I would continue to give them electrolytes and maybe switch to medicated chick feed if you aren't feeding that already. I can't figure out the exact cause of this, but I am sorry for your lost ducklings. I would just do my best to keep the brooder clean and warm, I know it can be hard to keep it clean, ducklings are messy! I did some more research and found some things about a virus called duck virus hepatitis that could be what happened to your ducks. Maybe do some more research on this to see if it matches the rest of your symptoms. It sounds like you are doing everything you can, good luck to the rest of your babies!

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