Help: Mottled Houdan Issue !!!!!


6 Years
May 7, 2013
I purchased the watering nipples and LOVE them. Unfortunately, my mottled houdans do too! My initial waterer was hanging buckets and the nipples were spaced close enough that when they drank, water dripped onto their heads. It made their feathers look 'funny'. It took me a while to catch on - but, I think the other chickens thought so too and they must have been pulling them out. By the time I figured it out, there were quite a few gone. I hung the waterers higher and things seemed OK. The other day I went out and MORE were gone. Now, I've put in a new watering system with nipples and PVC. They can't get wet. I've also added the blue coated medicine to their heads and keep checking to make sure it doesn't fade enough to invite more pecking. How long will it take for their feathers to grow back? They are about five months. Will it happen when they molt at about a year? Also, I NEVER saw this happening... it's just my educated guess. Could their be another reason for their top feathers to be out like that? It does looked like they were pulled or broke. These guys eat all organic and should be super healthy.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

I think you made a pretty good guess and have reacted appropriately. However, if I recall correctly, pullets don't molt until they're two years old.

Not sure how long it'll take them to grow back, but bumping you up so that hopefully someone can give a better answer.

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