Help...Muddy coop run

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    My Chicken coops run is really muddy, And I'm Thinking About Putting Some
    Lime Down, Then Hay,Or Straw, Then Some Cedar Shavings Till I Can Make A Better Fix.
    What I Would Like To Know Is, Is It Safe To Put Cedar Shavings In The Run??
    And What Would Be A Better Way For Me To Fix This Trouble With The Mud?
    We've Had Alot And Still Getting Alot Of Rain...Please Help...Thanks Ktown.. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Sand! Drains wonderfully and they LOVE to dust bathe in it. It's VERY easy to clean with a small garden rake! We had a terential downpour about a month ago, so we poured 1 ton of sand into the bottom of our 9x12 run. No more muddy chickens here [​IMG]

    Best of luck!
  3. I don't suggest cedar at all, when mixed with feces or urine it tends to burn feet of small animals and i'd think chickens as well.

    As a permenant fix I would definately say call landscaping places or anywhere that sells gravel and sands...ask if they have "crush n run" which is crushed gravel and sand...or ask for just a course sand. Sand and gravel is perfect for a coop, gravel on the bottom and sand above it or just sand because it drys quickly. I would suggest though if you get alot of rain and the ground will be muddy when you put it down, put a tarp or the weed tarp/netting stuff down first, then the sand. I did the gravel and sand thing for mine, and we've had a VERY unusualy wet 3 weeks and the chicken's feet are staying pretty clean and no more icky mud. Also with sand it cuts down with smell and easy to clean (just rake it or scoop the poop).
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    Have you heard of someone on this fabulous website called patnchickens? She has a fantastic muddy-coop page. Check it out! I dont know the link, though ...
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    LOL - the link is in my .sig below, you want the 'fix a muddy run' one [​IMG]

    Cedar chips are fine for use outdoors -- however they will at best be a very temporary and work-intensive band-aid for the problem (and inclined to make things stink, b/c they hold dampness), and it would be better if you coudl address the root causes and devise a more permanent solution.

    Good luck, have fun,


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