HELP! Multiple Hens Bleeding!

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    May 4, 2017
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    First off, let me tell you our chicken set up. I have four hens and one rooster. They are all about 7-8 weeks old. They were all raised together and I decided to move the two largest chickens into the coop. This included one hen and the rooster. They were fine so I introduced the next largest hen, Dodge.They all got along just fine for a couple of weeks so I introduced Rosie, my isa brown. She was picked on by the rooster but nothing serious so I figured I could add my small Silkie as well. I put her in and all was good until the rooster was full on attacking her. They're two young to mate so I have no idea why he's attacking her. She's a hen I'm pretty sure. She started to bleed on her beek after he pecked her in the center of it. I wiped the bleeding and put a small bit of flour on it and she's back inside with me now. I checked on them and Rosie was bleeding (Not as bad) on her beak in the EXACT same spot. Is this some sort of dominance thing I don't know of? The other hens are just fine... [​IMG]
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    Mar 5, 2017
    it might be that the silkie is a rooster
    or that you put them in there at separate times [​IMG]

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