Help my 2 new EE Hens Have been sneezing and snorting

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Sep 28, 2009
I have 3 new EE hens from a swap Sunday before last. Since I got home 2 have been sneezing on and off and some snorting noises, mostly when I pick them up, I have them kept seperate from my flock, one of them has been laying but the other seems to be molting and has not layed. Both are eating layers pellets and drinking fine, poop is normal. The one that is molting seems less active . have given them some protein foods and I started them on vitamin water what should I do and could it just be stress.
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Any bad smells coming from their nasal passages? Any other information you could share?

It could be just about any respiratory disease, if it's a virus then you'll just have to wait it out. It doesn't sound to serious yet, so just keep a look out for more symptoms.
You would have probably mentioned this, but have you noticed them snorting up mucus and/or blood? If you haven't caught them in action, check the walls of their coop.

Mucus usually means bronchitis, and blood usually means ILT (especially if they're scratching their eyes).

I actaully have some hens(pullets) that sneeze too... No blood either, I thought it was just a cold from the cold weather approaching, What do I do to stop it?
My vet told us at ballet class on Tuesday that there is a weak strain of avian flu going around along with some other flu viruses. (I'm in Indiana) My girls had the sniffles, but after a couple of weeks it's going away. I had no deaths and similar symptoms to what you're reporting.

Edit to add... It seems like you are doing what you can for them for now. The next step would be to find more symptoms or take them to the vet. Some people might recommend treating with an antibiotic like tylosin, but that would only help if they have a bacterial infection.
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Thank you. One seems to be better today. I started them on duramycin -10 that - got at the feed store. Yesterday. The other is still occasionally sneezing and sounds like she has a stuffy nose

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