HELP! My 9 hens have stopped laying! Need advice.


Dec 12, 2020
So it all started in the late fall right before the week of thanksgiving they slowly stopped laying. My whole flock started molting and they all have their feathers back right now but none of them are laying. The hens I have are Buff Orpington, golden laced Wyandotte, two white leghorns, Easter egger, sapphire gem, sapphire olive egger, and two crevecoeur hens. I have given them scratch grains, dried herbs, protein cat food, and lettuce from the garden but they still seem to not be laying. I let them out of the pen to free range in the afternoon but I just don’t understand why they are not laying. Down in Florida it doesn’t get as cold in the winter months as up north and I know people who live where it’s snowing and they are stilling getting eggs??? Any advice?


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Some chickens lay through the winter, some don't. It's not because of the temperature, but shorter days. If they all seem happy and healthy, they're probably just taking a break for the winter.
Ok thanks is it normal for all,of them to take a break?
Provide either laying feed or an all flock ration with oyster shell on the side. If elderly birds, they may not lay until day light period increases.
They might lay more consistently on a layer feed, but in any case, I believe it’s natural for them to take a break following a moult. And that’s really the way it ought to be so no cause for concern. Maybe a little inconvenient if you’re counting on the eggs. And, it sounds like a lovely flock!

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