Help my baby duck has fallen and been injured.

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Apr 22, 2014
Help my baby duck has fallen and been injured


I am starting this thread on behalf of tiffani day.


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Nov 30, 2014
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Here is the advice already given... please, if anyone has anything different to try or add feel free... :)

"S/he should be ok then... just wanted to make sure that bruising wasn't more than it looked... just rinse it well and like Buck said, you can dab some Neosporan/antibiotic ointment and let it heal... just make sure the ointment does not have pain reliever and check the wound regularly and keep it clean as you can... I had a little Call get his bill stuck in the hatcher mesh and it looked awful, but it healed just fine... might 'scar' a bit, but being young the bill is pretty resilient... and a bit of advice, have your daughter play with them on the floor, maybe? They love to try to fly even with the little fluffy nubs, lol..."

tiffani day

Sep 25, 2015
Vicksburg Mississippi
Baby duck seems to be ok this morning still bruised but no worse than last night. Eating and drinking just fine. I was so worried when I first saw the baby and my daughter was inconsolable. this is our first duck we were given 3 who were abandoned by the mama and the people had no little pins or lights to keep them.

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