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Sep 9, 2009
I got a good batch 17variety of chicks on Sunday! They are awesome! BUT know I notice my 2white crested black polish keep getting pasted bum. I keep helping but now I see one has a enlarged right side of chest it seems like a cyst it is bulging out she seems to like it when I feel it??.... I worry or her they re so cute. They were def the smallest out of the whole batch I was worried they would be more stressed. Anyway I can help her and what is it?
I think the bulge you are feeling is her crop, (her stomach where all her food goes). It is completely normal, every chicken has it.

Pasty butt is normal for the chicks first week. Just clean it off with a warm, wet paper towel. Check the chicks daily for any build up.
Just make sure her vent isn't enlarged, as that could be constipation and should be dealt with.
Hhmmm thank you very much for the reply. Maybe I could try and post a pic it seems abnormally enlarged and skin stretching around it and lopsided to right side of her. Maybe she's eating ok much and not drinking enough? It doesn't feel like the others.

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